Divorce can level everything in its path.
Our methods build a better way to the future.

Are you headed toward divorce? In the best of circumstances, the experience can be difficult. Why make it even more so with stressful and costly litigation?

Divorce Innovations is focused on one objective: to help couples determine the best outcomes for themselves, their children and their families.

If the end of your marriage appears inevitable, you should know that traditional litigation can be time-consuming and highly emotional. And while legal proceedings may terminate the marriage, they may not end the disagreements – or the costs. Litigation can continue for years, leaving ex-spouses and their families ill-equipped to move on.

Your divorce. Your agreement. Your way.

But litigation is not your only option. At Divorce Innovations, we offer something better – an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) method that is less adversarial and more respectful than what litigation has traditionally provided. As professionals who have worked with divorcing clients for many years, we’ve witnessed the positive and constructive results that occur when couples work together in good faith. Our clients, in turn, have experienced the profound difference when communication flows and an empowering sense of control remains strong throughout the process.

Why wait? Find out more about this unique approach and the options you have when you choose it. Plus, get to know our team and the innovative services we offer.