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Benefits Of Integrated Mediation


Imagine a way to divorce that enables you to work with your spouse in an environment of mutual respect and fairness, negotiate face-to-face and protect your ability and priority to co-parent your children. All in a time frame significantly less than what you'd encounter with litigation.

These are the benefits of Integrated Mediation with Divorce Innovations. From the outset our team provides a credentialed Financial Mediator and Counseling/Parenting Plan Mediator who are committed to an effective outcome and work directly with you to help you maintain control over the process.

Family Matters

Our Counseling/Parenting Plan Mediator helps you effectively communicate with your spouse, manage your emotions and develop a child centered co-parenting plan to begin following your divorce.

Money Matters

Our Financial Mediator helps you and your spouse explore ways to divide marital assets, minimize tax consequences, determine levels of child support and spousal support.

Next Steps

Our team then presents a summary of your mediated agreements to your respective attorneys who work together to craft a final settlement. The result? Couples who reach a mediated agreement are more likely to comply with its terms.

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Integrated Mediation has the potential for faster resolution and signi´Čücantly lower overall cost

Offers Direction

Integrated Mediation can provide guidance and direction to resolve issues that may arise following the divorce (adjustments to child support, parenting time, visitation schedules, etc.)


Is conducted privately*

* Please note: certain aspects of the settlement do become public record. However, Divorce Innovations makes every effort to protect the confidentiality of as much information as possible. If litigation appears inevitable, we refer couples to traditional divorce attorneys.

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